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LINGUIST List Summary: Issues Posted on Sat Jul 20 2013.

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24.2951, Confs: Computational Ling, Text/Corpus Ling, Discourse Analysis/Bulgaria

  1) From:      Stefanie Dipper <dipper at>
     Subject:   7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop & Interoperability with Discourse

24.2952, Calls: Cognitive Science, Linguistic Theories/Argentina

  1) From:      Comité Organizador AALiCo 2013 <simposioaalico2013 at>
     Subject:   V Simposio de la Asociación Argentina de Lingüística Cognitiva

24.2953, Calls: Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics/UK

  1) From:      Ryan Doran <pip11rpd at>
     Subject:   iCog: Cognitive Science Network - Inaugural Conference

24.2954, Review: Discourse Analysis; Sociolinguistics: Cameron (2012)

  1) From:      Noriko Watanabe <norikomcg at>
     Subject:   Verbal Hygiene

24.2955, Support: PhD Student, University of Lisbon, Portugal

  1) From:      Sonia Frota <sonia.frota at>
     Subject:   PhD Student, University of Lisbon, Portugal

24.2956, Jobs: Uzbek; Language Acq; Lexicography: Consultant, Indiana University

  1) From:      Dave Baer <dbaer at>
     Subject:   Uzbek; Language Acquisition; Lexicography: Consultant, Indiana University, Indiana, USA

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