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24.4523, Books: An ABC for Baby Linguists: Bernstein

  1) From:      Jeremy Thorpe <jeremy at>
     Subject:   An ABC for Baby Linguists: Bernstein

24.4524, Jobs: General Linguistics: Linguist, Gap International

  1) From:      Melanie Lewis <melanie.lewis at>
     Subject:   General Linguistics: Linguist, Gap International, Pennsylvania, USA

24.4525, Diss: Qaqet, Sociolinguistics: Marley: 'Language Use amongst the Qaqet Baining ...'

  1) From:      Alexandra Marley <sasha.marley at>
     Subject:   Language Use amongst the Qaqet Baining: A sociolinguistic study of language choices in an ethnolinguistic minority in Papua New Guinea

24.4526, Calls: nthropological Linguistics, Language Documentation, General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Megan Lukaniec <wail.ucsb at>
     Subject:   17th Annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages

24.4527, Calls: Language Acquisition/ Arborescences (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Michelle Troberg <michelle.troberg at>
     Subject:   Language Acquisition/ Arborescences (Jrnl)

24.4528, Qs: Repetitive language in instruction

  1) From:      David Elmes <elmesd at>
     Subject:   Repetitive language in instruction

24.4529, Qs: Call for participation

  1) From:      Jean-Marc Dewaele <j.dewaele at>
     Subject:   Call for participation

24.4530, Calls: Computational Linguistics, Translation, Text/Corpus Linguistics/Sweden

  1) From:      Germán Sanchis-Trilles <gsanchis at>
     Subject:   Workshop on Humans and Computer-assisted Translation

24.4531, Calls: Computational Linguistics/Sweden

  1) From:      Agata Savary <agata.savary at>
     Subject:   EACL 2014 Workshop on Multiword Expressions

24.4532, Calls: General Linguistics/Switzerland

  1) From:      Robert Schikowski <info at>
     Subject:   8th Days of Swiss Linguistics: Dynamics of Variation

24.4533, Calls: Semantics, Pragmatics, Computational Ling, Philosophy of Lang/USA

  1) From:      Anna Szabolcsi <as109 at>
     Subject:   Semantics and Linguistic Theory 24

24.4534, Calls: Discourse Analysis, Socioling, Pragmatics, Text/Corpus Ling/Czech Republic

  1) From:      Gabriela Zapletalova <gabriela.zapletalova at>
     Subject:   The Changing Landscape of Professional Discourse / Das weite Feld der Fachkommunikation

24.4535, TOC: Literary and Linguistic Computing 28/4 (2013)

  1) From:      Jane Wiejak <jane.wiejak at>
     Subject:   Literary and Linguistic Computing Vol. 28, No. 4 (2013)

24.4536, Confs: Cognitive Science, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics/UK

  1) From:      Ryan Doran <pip11rpd at>
     Subject:   iCog: Cognitive Science Network - Inaugural Conference

24.4537, Summer Schools: GLOW Spring School 1/ Brussels, Belgium

  1) From:      Jeroen van Craenenbroeck <jeroen.vancraenenbroeck at>
     Subject:   GLOW Spring School 1/ Brussels, Belgium

24.4538, Calls: Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Applied Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Regina Skeans <rskeans at>
     Subject:   Pragmatics & Language Learning

24.4539, Calls: Semantics, Pragmatics, Cognitive Science/Hungary

  1) From:      Mario Brdar <mbrdar at>
     Subject:   Socio-Cultural Factors in Style

24.4540, Support: English, Lexicography/Canada

  1) From:      Stefan Dollinger <stefan.dollinger at>
     Subject:   PhD Student, University of British Columbia at Vancouver, Canada

24.4541, Calls: General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Zachary Wilkins <zwilkins at>
     Subject:   2014 UNC Linguistics Spring Colloquium

24.4542, Calls: Applied Linguistics/Switzerland

  1) From:      Cecile Petitjean <petitjean_cecile at>
     Subject:   Interactional Competences in Institutional Practices

24.4543, Calls: Semantics, Syntax/France

  1) From:      Patricia Cabredo Hofherr <pcabredo at>
     Subject:   Workshop on (Co-)Distributivity

24.4544, Calls: Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, Psycholing, Semantics, Language Acq/Canada

  1) From:      Jade Shapiro <jade.shapiro at>
     Subject:   La Société des Études Supérieures du Département d’Études Françaises - Colloque 2014

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