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Thu May 1 17:16:02 UTC 2014

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

we all understand how tired you are of all the fund-drive mails. We
would not bother you with these mails, if it would not be absolutely
crucial for us to get support and funding for a new start, at a new
location, and in a new environment, virtual and real. LINGUIST List will
soon pack all its resources, even student editors and other staff, and
relocate to... well, help us make this possible and you will be the
first to know about the new location and infrastructure!

As many of you know, our subscribers number in the tens of thousands,
the more than 1.5 million individual visitors use our web-pages, while
we here at LINGUIST List are few, just a few volunteers, student editors
and programmers. Fortunately, we have an advisory board here to assist
us. The best advisory board that you can imagine. They give us helpful
feedback and act as a sounding board for new initiatives and
developments here (such as our new website, app development, and
language localizations) at The LINGUIST List. This year, they have also
pledged to give *$4,000* if YOU--yes, that's all of our subscribers--can
double it!

Can you help us double their pledge of *$4000*?

Will you help them invest in our future? We believe that with enough
support through your donations, we can continue to realize the dream of
being a freely available, open resource for the worldwide linguistic

Our small group of advisors has pledged to donate *$4000* if the
thousands of people who visit our site each day can double this and
donate *$8000*. While we could fill a large stadium with all of you who
visit our site, our advisors don't even fill a classroom! And yet they
stand before you with this challenge, daring LINGUIST's thousands of
subscribers to match the donations of just a few heroic people.

Can you meet this challenge? We think you can -- give what you can now,
and let's see if you can contribute *$8,000 in 48 hours* to END our 2014
fund drive!


The LINGUIST List Crew

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