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25.2285, Calls: Romance, General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Karen Miller <kxm80 at>
     Subject:   Penn State Undergraduate Exhibition in Hispanic and General Linguistics

25.2286, Calls: General Linguistics/Austria

  1) From:      Anne Wolfsgruber <Anne.Wolfsgruber at>
     Subject:   7th Austrian Students' Conference of Linguistics

25.2287, Calls: English, Applied Linguistics/Iran

  1) From:      Mohammad Amini Farsani <mohammad_farsani at>
     Subject:   1st Iranian National Virtual Conference on ELT issues

25.2288, Calls: Cognitive Science, Neuroling, Psycholing, Applied Ling/Netherlands

  1) From:      Merel Keijzer <m.c.j.keijzer at>
     Subject:   Bilingualism and Cognitive Aging

25.2289, Calls: Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/Spain

  1) From:      Ana Roldán-Riejos <aroldan at>
     Subject:   33rd AESLA International Conference

25.2290, Calls: Syntac, Semantics, Pragmatics, Linguistic Theories/Brazil

  1) From:      Monica Monawar <monawar.monica at>
     Subject:   II International Meeting on Syntax & Semantics & their Interfaces

25.2291, Calls: Syntax, Morphology, Typology, Historical Linguistics/Mexico

  1) From:      Ia Navarro <ia.navarroibarra at>
     Subject:   2014 Syntactic Complexity Seminar

25.2292, Review: Language Acquisition; Neurolinguistics; Psycholinguistics: Blom, Verhagen & van de Craats (2013)

  1) From:      Eugenio Goria <eugenio.goria at>
     Subject:   Dummy Auxiliaries in First and Second Language Acquisition

25.2293, Review: Germanic; Historical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Typology: Diewald, Kahlas-Tarkka & Wischer (2013)

  1) From:      Bev Thurber <b.thurber at>
     Subject:   Comparative Studies in Early Germanic Languages

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