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26.2896, Books: Grammaticalization in the North: Dahl

  1) From:      Sebastian Nordhoff <Sebastian.Nordhoff at>
     Subject:   Grammaticalization in the North: Dahl

26.2897, FYI: First Issue Out: Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics

  1) From:      Gijsbert Rutten <g.j.rutten at>
     Subject:   First Issue Out: Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics

26.2898, All: This Week's LINGUIST Notice Board

26.2899, Confs: General Ling, Pragmatics, Semantics, Text/Corpus Ling, Syntax/Germany

  1) From:      Eva Wittenberg <ewittenberg at>
     Subject:   Adjective Order: Theory and Experiment

26.2900, Calls: Applied Linguistics/Switzerland

  1) From:      Andrea Hunziker Heeb <npit3.linguistics at>
     Subject:   3rd International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation

26.2901, Calls: Italian, Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition/Italy

  1) From:      Francesca Gallina <gallina at>
     Subject:   Teaching Italian to International Students and to Marco Polo/Turandot Programme Students

26.2902, Calls: Language Acquisition/Germany

  1) From:      Anja Müller <Anjamueller at>
     Subject:   Workshop on Presupposition in Langauage Acquisition at the 38th DGfS-Conference

26.2903, Calls: Austronesian, East Papuan, West Papuan, General Ling, Lang Documentation, Typology/UK

  1) From:      Mary Dalrymple <mary.dalrymple at>
     Subject:   8th Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Conference

26.2904, Support: Semantics; Syntax / Spain

  1) From:      Xavier Villalba <Xavier.Villalba at>
     Subject:   Semantics; Syntax, PhD, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

26.2905, Jobs: Multiple Languages; General Linguistics: Linguist, Appen

  1) From:      Jasna Rustempasic <jrustempasic at>
     Subject:   Multiple Languages; General Linguistics: Linguist, Appen, California, USA

26.2906, Calls: Morphology/Belgium

  1) From:      Lobke Aelbrecht <lobke.aelbrecht at>
     Subject:   Morphology Days 2015

26.2907, Calls: Anthropological Ling, Historical Ling, Socioling, Typology/Italy

  1) From:      Luisa Caiazzo <lcaiazzo at>
     Subject:   (Re)naming Places, (Re)shaping Identities

26.2908, Calls: English, Discourse Analysis, General Ling, Text/Corpus Ling/France

  1) From:      Philippe Millot <philippe.millot at>
     Subject:   Anglais de Spécialité et Milieux Professionnels

26.2909, Calls: Applied Ling, Cognitive Sci, General Ling, Socioling, Typology/Portugal

  1) From:      Hugo Cardoso <hcardoso at>
     Subject:   32nd South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable

26.2910, TOC: Sociolinguistic Studies 9/1 (2015)

  1) From:      Janet Joyce <jjoyce at>
     Subject:   Sociolinguistic Studies Vol. 9, No. 1 (2015)

26.2911, TOC: Writing & Pedagogy 7/1 (2015)

  1) From:      Janet Joyce <jjoyce at>
     Subject:   Writing & Pedagogy Vol. 7, No. 1 (2015)

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