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27.2895, Support: English; Spanish; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics; Syntax / Netherlands

  1) From:      Pedro Gras <pedro.gras at>
     Subject:   English; Spanish; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics; Syntax, PhD, University of Antwerp, Netherlands

27.2896, Calls: Arabic; General Linguistics / International Journal of Arabic Linguistics (Jrnl)

  1) From:      Ahmed Ech-charfi <a.echcharfi at>
     Subject:   Arabic; General Linguistics / International Journal of Arabic Linguistics (Jrnl)

27.2897, Calls: Pragmatics/UK

  1) From:      Cristina Perna <cperna at>
     Subject:   Position and Stance in Politics

27.2898, Calls: Greek, Sociolinguistics/Belgium

  1) From:      Klaas Bentein <klaas.bentein at>
     Subject:   Varieties of Post-classical and Byzantine Greek

27.2899, Calls: Cognitive Sci, General Ling, Lang Acquisition, Text/Corpus Ling/Estonia

  1) From:      Jane Klavan <jane.klavan at>
     Subject:   14th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference

27.2900, Calls: Ling & Literature, Pragmatics/UK

  1) From:      Billy Clark <b.clark at>
     Subject:   Pragmatic Approaches to Literary Analysis

27.2901, Review: Applied Ling; Discourse; Ling & Lit; Socioling: Georgakopoulou, Spilioti (2015)

  1) From:      Zsuzsanna Zsubrinszky <zsubrinszky.zsuzsanna at>
     Subject:   The Routledge Handbook of Language and Digital Communication

27.2902, Review: Comp Ling; Historical Ling: Lewis, Pereltsvaig (2015)

  1) From:      David Stifter <david.stifter at>
     Subject:   The Indo-European Controversy

27.2903, Books: Using Japanese Synonyms: Backhouse

  1) From:      Katie Laker <klaker at>
     Subject:   Using Japanese Synonyms: Backhouse

27.2904, Books: Sociolinguistics: Coupland (ed.)

  1) From:      Katie Laker <klaker at>
     Subject:   Sociolinguistics: Coupland (ed.)

27.2905, Books: Teen Talk: Tagliamonte

  1) From:      Katie Laker <klaker at>
     Subject:   Teen Talk: Tagliamonte

27.2906, Books: An English Syllabus: Reynolds

  1) From:      Katie Laker <klaker at>
     Subject:   An English Syllabus: Reynolds

27.2907, Books: Corpus linguistics on the move: López-Couso, Méndez-Naya, Núñez-Pertejo, Palacios-Martínez (eds.)

  1) From:      Heleen Palmen <palmen at>
     Subject:   Corpus linguistics on the move: López-Couso, Méndez-Naya, Núñez-Pertejo, Palacios-Martínez (eds.)

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