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29.650, FYI: 2019 Summer Linguistic Institute

  1) From:      Georgia Zellou <gzellou at>
     Subject:   2019 Summer Linguistic Institute

29.651, Confs: Gen Ling, Morphology, Phonology, Semantics, Syntax/Hungary

  1) From:      Veronika Hegedus <hegedus.veronika at>
     Subject:   Generative Linguistics in the Old World 41

29.652, Calls: Applied Ling, Morphology, Syntax, Text/Corpus Ling, Typology/Russia

  1) From:      Maria Morozova <morozovamaria86 at>
     Subject:   Balkan Languages and Dialects: Corpus-Based and Quantitative Studies

29.653, Calls: General Linguistics/USA

  1) From:      Adrienne Tsikewa <atsikewa at>
     Subject:   21st Annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages

29.654, Calls: Clinical Linguistics/India

  1) From:      Christina Hagedorn <christina.hagedorn at>
     Subject:   Interspeech 2018 Special Session: Integrating Speech Science and Technology for Clinical Applications

29.655, Calls: Slavic, Comp Ling, Gen Ling, Lang Acquisition, Psycholing/Germany

  1) From:      Hagen Pitsch <hpitsch at>
     Subject:   Formal Description of Slavic Languages 13

29.656, Calls: Phonology/UK

  1) From:      Patrick Honeybone <patrick.honeybone at>
     Subject:   26th Manchester Phonology Meeting

29.657, Calls: Applied Linguistics/Czech Republic

  1) From:      Giuliana Diani <giuliana.diani at>
     Subject:   14th Esse Conference - Seminar 18: Transferring Knowledge within Academic and Institutional Contexts: A Focus on New and Hybrid Digital Genres

29.658, Calls: Philosophy of Language, Pragmatics, Semantics/Austria

  1) From:      Christopher Gauker <christopher.gauker at>
     Subject:   Master Class with Angelika Kratzer

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