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>From: Peter Bakker <linpb at>
>Organization: HUM-EDB, Aarhus Universitet
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>Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 08:33:02 MET
>Subject: Job opening: Prof. Position
>Priority: normal
>Job opening for:
> Professor in Linguistics,
>Aarhus, Denmark
>Applications are invited for a position as full professor of
>Linguistics, at the Department of Linguistics, University of Aarhus,
>tenable from August 1, 1999, or as soon as possible thereafter.
>Applicants are expected to be oriented broadly within modern
>linguistic theory and analysis, to have experience with work on
>different languages, and to have undertaken original
>international-standard research work within one or more fields,
>particularly research that links empirical studies and theory
>development. Applicants who are willing to participate in the
>development of a small but growing department, will be particularly
>appreciated. A brief description of the department is appended below.
>Applicants are asked to document:
> (1)    research experience and academic standing;
> (2)    experience with project management and research collaboration;
> (3)    experience with extramural activities and/or non-academic
>                affiliation;
> (4)    teaching qualifications and experience.
>The appointee will be required to take part in all types of
>activities: research, teaching, and administration.  The appointee
>will further be required to contribute to academic cooperation with
>other departments. The language of instruction is Danish, but English,
>Swedish, or Norwegian is acceptable during the initial period.
>Acquiantance with Danish is an advantage but not a condition;
>non-Danish-speaking applicants are required to undertake to learn
>Danish within a reasonably short period (a year or two). The annual
>salary is at present approx. DKK 510.000, including a pension fund
>contribution of approx.42.616,56.
>The application should be marked 1998-211/1-*, and addressed to The
>Rector, Aarhus University, Journalkontoret, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.
>Closing date: Monday 21 September 1998, 12 o'clock, midday.
>Documentation of qualifications (three copies if at all possible)
>should not be enclosed, but sent separately to The Department of
>Linguistics, Aarhus University, Willemoesgade 15D, DK-8200 Aarhus N,
>Denmark. The documentation should be marked as above, and should
>(a)     Publications and other written material which are submitted as
>particularly relevant for the application;
>(b)     a complete list of publications and other work, with an indication
>of which items are submitted as particularly relevant;
>(c)     a curriculum vitae, including details of teaching and administrative
>experience, language proficiencies, as well as research projects;
>(d)     copies of academic diplomas and documentation of teaching
>Applications are evaluated by a special selection committee, whose
>recommendation is confidential, but will be sent to all applicants.
>The selection committee has the right to request further material from
>applicants. Material sent on computer disks will not be considered.
>The department is a small one, with at the moment only three members
>of staff (lecturer level, one more lecturer will also be advertised
>for 1999), c. 60 undergraduates, c. 20 MA students, and two ph.d.
>students. The department further includes a Hungarian and a Finnish
>lecturer. The present staff has competences in general linguistic
>theory, grammatical analysis, pragmatics, conversation analysis,
>language contact, and sociolinguistics. The department favours further
>development in areas that are at present only partly covered, most
>notably: second language acquisition, language change
>(grammaticisation and lexical development), language typology, and
>corpus linguistics. These areas are defined in explicit recognition of
>the tasks of a linguistic science that exists in a social context
>characterized by migration, international cooperation, and rapid
>technological development. For further information about the post or
>the department, please contact Hans Arndt, Head of Department,
>Department of Linguistics, Aarhus University.  Tel. (45) 8942 2146.
>Fax (45) 8942 2175. E-mail:
>Cf. also

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