Northern Subject Rule, again

Frans Plank Frans.Plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Thu Aug 27 20:13:25 UTC 1998

Postscript on the Northern Subject Rule

I have now consulted Boerjars & Chapman (Linguistics 36, 1998), referred to
by Joan Bresnan, and I'm not sure they confirm the Wright Rule.  They do
point to -S vs Zero being sensitive to person in Tyneside and Irish
English, where -S is avoided with 1st person subjects.  No information on
whether this applies to the singular only, or also to 1st plural.

On their account, the pronouns that co-occur with Zero-inflected verbs are
themselves verb inflections.  Would the implication be that in Tyneside &
Irish English new, ex-pronominal verb inflection is obligatory only in 1st
person (singular, perhaps also plural)?  Are there other languages like


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