Adverbs and Adverbials

lucyna gebert 101535.2707 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Dec 14 14:36:31 UTC 1998

Also in Slavic languages adverbials behave in the same way, ie. time
adverbials exhibit the accusative, behaving as if they were arguments of
the verb. In Polish we have:
Pracowal cala noc (he worked whole-acc. night-acc.=he worked during an
entire night)
Przesiedzial z nim godzine (he sit with him hour-acc. = he sit with him for
an hour)
On prozil tam god (he lived there a-year(acc)=he lived a year there)
On prolezal nedelju (he stayed-in-bed a-week(acc)= he stayed in bed for a
week), ecc.
        Lucyna Gebert

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