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Constraints on null subjects in Bislama (Vanuatu):
Social and linguistic factors

Miriam Meyerhoff

PL 506
	How can developments in a contact language inform the inquiry into the
structural nature of language?  How do they help us better understand the
nature of language change and the processes of  grammaticisation?
       Using data from everyday conversations in Bislama (the national
language of Vanuatu), this book focuses on one variable, the alternation
between overt pronominal and phonetically null subjects. It shows how an
emergent system of subject-verb agreement in Bislama interacts with
functional constraints on the interpretability of a subject; this
interaction accounts for much of the alternation between the two forms of
subject. The rich array of social functions that Bislama serves in the
communities studied is examined in some detail, and yet it is shown that as
Bislama becomes increasingly elaborate morphosyntactically, this kind of
structural innovation takes place largely independently of social factors.
By adopting the methods of sociolinguistics grounded in participant
observation, and being grounded in theoretical treatments of subject
agreement, this volume shows how the study of change in a contact language
helps to bridge issues in different subfields of linguistics.

2000	ISBN 0 85883 522 3		206 + xi pp.
AUS $41.80	($38.00 international)	Weight 500g

A grammar of Anejom~

John Lynch

PL 507
Anejom~ is spoken on the island of Aneityum and is a member of the Southern
Vanuatu subgroup of Oceanic Austronesian languages.  It is unusual
among Vanuatu languages in having VOS as its normal phrase order.
Its phonology is somewhat different from the phonologies of other
members of the subgroup, and it is also in the process of making a
number of morphosyntactic changes.  This grammar provides a thorough
treatment of the phonology and morphology of the
language, as well as a solid outline of its syntax, and includes three texts.

2000	ISBN 0 85883 484 7		xiii +180 pp.
AUS $41.80	($38.00 international)	Weight 500g


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