WG: A EUROCORES on 'The Origin of Man, Language and Languages'

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This is an announcement which might be of interest for all those working in
the relevant areas in Europe.

Ekkehard Koenig

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Betreff: A EUROCORES on 'The Origin of Man, Language and Languages'

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I am pleased to announce that the first ESF Collaborative Research Programme
(EUROCORES) has just been launched in the Humanities. The project is called
'The Origin of Man, Language and Languages'. Multi-site and
multi-disciplinary research is encouraged on the following 6 topics:
Language and Archaeology,
Language and Brain,
Language and Genes,
Language acquisition and Language universals,
Language and Animal communication,
Language evolution and Computer modelling.

All necessary information about this new scheme of activity is available at:

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 15 May 2001.

Details about EUROCORES' rationale and objectives are available at:

Furthermore, a Call for Proposals for Exploratory Workshops to be held in
2002 has been launched at the beginning of March. The deadline for
submission is also 15 May 2001. Information can be obtained at:

Finally, the 5th issue of 'Reflections', the ESF Humanities Newsletter, will
be published on the ESF web site by the end of March 2001.

I hope this information may be useful to you and your colleagues.
Best regards,
Yours sincerely,

Carole Mabrouk
Administrative Assistant to the Standing Committee for the Humanities

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