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Hartmut Haberland hartmut at RUC.DK
Sun Nov 25 11:07:14 UTC 2001

Luis Oquendo wrote:

>Propose of this research is describing and analyze the characteristic of the negation in Japreria language, language of the family Cariban. I studied the negation into of set of  modal proposition in the context of semantic proposition¨ in  extreme point on the scale of ¨truth ¨:
>1) presupposition as realis- assertion as irrealis -assertion as negation- assertion 2) If P is true, then Negation is false  3) Presupposition as realis -assertion into negation -assertion as irrealis-assertion and 4) Presupposition into negation assertion as real assertion as irrealis -assertion.

Dear List members, the message quoted above arrived today and as many of
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