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Fri Feb 1 16:13:58 UTC 2002

Dear colleagues,

my colleague Helen de Hoop, here at KU Nijmegen, would like to make the 
following announcement:


2 POSTDOC and 2 PHD-POSITIONS “Case Cross-linguistically”

Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen
General Linguistics
PIONIER Project “Case cross-linguistically”
Project leader: Dr. Helen de Hoop

The PIONIER research program “Case cross-linguistically” has four job 
openings. Graduate students and postdocs interested in morphological case, 
syntax and semantics, language typology, language processing and Optimality 
Theory are encouraged to apply for the following positions. Full 
descriptions of the four projects can be found at:
I. Postdoc Case Typology

The ideal candidate should have significant expertise in language typology 
and formal syntax and semantics.
II. PhD Case in Urdu/Hindi

Candidates for this research position should have a solid background in 
linguistics and significant knowledge of Hindi/Urdu.
III. PhD Modelling optionality and ambiguity

Candidates for this research position should have a thorough knowledge of 
formal semantics and syntax.
IV. Postdoc Processing case

The successful applicant should have significant experimental expertise in 
language processing.

All four positions are for a period of four years.
Starting date: Preferably September 1.

Applications: Please send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, names 
and e-mail addresses of three referees, and if possible one or two 
representative publications or unpublished manuscripts to Dr. Helen de 
Hoop, Taalwetenschap, KUN, Postbus 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Closing date for initial applications: March 15.
Final closing date: Until positions are filled.
Further inquiries: H.deHoop at

Helen de Hoop
Algemene Taalwetenschap
Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen
Bezoekadres: Erasmusplein 1, kamer 18.21
Postadres: Postbus 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen
Tel. 024-3611217 (werk), 0481-353762 (privé)
E-mail: H.deHoop at let.kun.nlWebpagina:


All best wishes,

Leon Stassen

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