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Dear ALT members,

LT 7-2 is out.  (Obviously, since we do them in numerical sequence, LT 7-1
too.)  Coming soon is


LT 7-3 (2003)


Roderic F. Casali
[ATR] value asymmetries and underlying vowel inventory structure
in Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan

Tonya Stebbins
On the status of intermediate form classes:  Words, clitics, and affixes
in Sm'algyax (Coast Tsimshian)

Sérgio Meira
Mental state postpositions in Tiriyó and other Cariban languages


Silvia Luraghi
Variierende Markierung von Nominalgruppen in Sprachen
unterschiedlichen Typs, edited by Winfried Boeder and Gerd Hentschel

Franz Müller-Gotama
Sprachtypologie des Deutschen, by Thorsten Roelcke

Contents of Linguistic Typology, volume 7


NB:  If you consider submitting to LT, please already send a (standard
format) textfile of your paper in the first instance, in addition to the
three print-outs -- to speed up reviewing.

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