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New from Oxford University Press
by Sonia Cristofaro, University of Pavia

This book outlines a typology of subordination systems across the
world's languages, on the basis of an 80-language sample. Subordination
is defined in cognitive terms, and several types of complement,
adverbial, and relative sentence are investigated. These sentence types
display considerable structural variation cross-linguistically. However,
this variation is constrained, and appears crucially related to the
functional properties of individual sentence types. The book represents
the first systematic attempt to establish comprehensive implicational
hierarchies describing the coding of complement, adverbial, and relative
sentences at a single stroke. Concepts from typological theory and
cognitive linguistics are integrated to account for these hierarchies.

320 pages, Hardback,  June 2003
0-19-925279-3, £55.00

20% discount for members of the Association for Linguistic Typology!
To order your copy at the special price of £44.00, please contact Tom
Perridge, Academic Marketing, OUP, and quote '10TPSC03'
Tel: +44 (0)1865 353 268 / Email: tom.perridge at
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