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Florian Siegl florian.siegl at GMX.NET
Mon Feb 9 21:23:26 UTC 2004

Dear Yura Lander, dear subscribers,

Whatever the purpose and the result of this "implication" may be, but Udmurt
and Komi from the Permic branch of the Uralic family are counterexamples and
both languages have an obligatory category of number.

kyv   1) language
Komi kyv  Komi language
Jaran kyv   Nenets language
Roch kyv   Russian language

kyv    2) word
kyv    3) tongue

kyl              1) language
Udmurt kyl  Udmurt language
biger kyl      Tatar language
por kyl        Mari language

kyl    2) word
kyl    3) tongue

It is though interessting, that other Uralic languages (at least the ones
I'm aquainted with) do not have the extension for word. They operate with
language=tongue (Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian) or have different lexemes
for all three words (e.g. Northern Sami).

Best wishes,

Florian Siegl

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