Pro Drop, doubling, pronominal affixes

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Dear All

I agree with Wolfgang that terms move on. There are a couple of
relevant footnotes in Joan Bresnan's Lexical Functional Syntax (p.
177) where she points out that 'pronoun incorporation' and 'pro-drop'
were originally used to indicate operations on phrase structure.
People working  with constraint-based models continue to use the
terms, without any implication of movement or deletion.

Some of the issues from the recent list discussion were also
discussed at a workshop on agreement (2002); in case colleagues
haven't seen it, the papers were published as a special number of the
Transactions of the Philological Society, volume 101, no. 2, 2003,
with papers by Bernard Comrie, Nick Evans, Marianne Mithun, Maira
Polinsky, Anna Siewierska and myself, edited by Brown, Corbett and


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