Linguapax symposium

Gideon Goldenberg msgidgol at MSCC.HUJI.AC.IL
Tue Feb 24 00:56:16 UTC 2004

It could be much nicer and more convincing if the Symposium itself
were multilingual and not conducted exclusively in English.
Yours,   Gideon Goldenberg.

>Linguapax Asia 2004
>AIM: This conference aims at bringing together scholars from European,
>Asian, and North American countries to exchange views, present research, and
>develop a vision of how to promote multilingualism, protect minority
>languages as well as endangered languages, and to advance the fundamental
>mission of Linguapax - promoting language and peace. As the first Linguapax
>symposium in Asia, the conference will provide a much- needed forum for
>researchers and practitioners in the areas of language protection,
>revitalization of endangered languages, and multilingual education.
>ORGANIZER: Linguapax Asia and The United Nations University
>DATE: April 17th, 2004, 9:00 - 18:00
>LOCATION: The United Nations University, 5-53-70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,
>Tokyo; Chiyoda Line Omotesando Stn.
>CONTACT: ; fisterstoga at
>(Prof. Frances Fister-Stoga)
>Morning session
>9:00    Registration (no prior registration; no registration fee)
>9:30    Opening address - Dr. H. van Ginkel, Rector UNU
>9:45     Keynote speaker - Dr. F. Marti, President, Linguapax Institute
>10:15    Dr. W. Gater (University of Tokyo) - The Concept of National
>Languages / the Historic Roots
>10:45 - 12:30 Case studies of minority languages: the European context
>10:45     Dr. K. Brenner (Eotvos Loran Science University - Budapest) -
>Linguistic Diversity in Hungary: German Linguistic Community; FUEN - Federal
>Union of European Nationalities
>11:15    Coffee break - Documentary film, Dr. A. Stoga (Curator, Royal
>Palace Lazienki, Warsaw) - "Le Langage et son Iconographie/The Iconography
>of Language"
>11:30    Dr H. Lausegger (University of Klagenfurt, Austria) - Linguistic
>Diversity in Austria: Focus on Slovene Linguistic Communities
>12:00    Prof. S. Yamamoto (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) - Slovene
>Dialects in Italy
>12:30 - 13:30    Lunch
>Afternoon session
>13:30 - 17:15 Case studies of minority languages: the Pacific Rim context
>13:30    Dr. J. Maher (International Christian University, Tokyo) - The Ainu
>Linguistic Community
>of Japan
>14:00    Prof. D. Smith (Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo) - A Trilingual
>Village in Thailand: A Sociolinguistic Study
>14:30    Prof. Y. Okayama (Senshu University, Tokyo) - Language Attrition
>and Maintenance in Palau: an Ethnographic View
>15:00    Prof. Y. Akamine (Nagoya City University) - An Exploration of
>Philippine Dialects
>15:30     Coffee break - Documentary film
>15:45    Dr. M. Andrade (Sophia Junior College) - Language Minorities and
>ESL/Bilingual Education in California Schools
>16:15    Prof. C. Duval (Bunkyo University) - Native American Language
>Programs: Implications for Future Japanese Language Programs
>16:45    Dr. T. Tsunoda (University of Tokyo) - Language Loss and Language
>Revitalization in Australia
>17:15    Panel discussion: Roundtable discussion
>17:45    Closing address (Dr. H. van Ginkel/ Dr. F. Marti)
>18:00    Reception

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