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My colleague Dan Everett is having trouble sending to the list at 
present and has asked me to post the following message of 
congratulations to Bob. In so doing let me take the opportunity to 
express my own congratulations to Bob.
Nigel Vincent

>>I would like to congratulate RMW Dixon on this grammar of Jarawara. 
>>It certainly deserves the Bloomfield award from the LSA and is to 
>>my mind easily the best grammar ever written of an Amazonian 
>>language. Having watched Dixon work on Jarawara over the years, I 
>>notice that he doesn't also offer the advice to students that they 
>>work the incredibly long hours that I know that he regularly works. 
>>Few could match his pace.
>>Grammars of this quality are good for the entire field, especially 
>>for Amazonian studies, and should serve as a challenge to all 
>>younger linguists to recognize that there is no more important 
>>activity for the linguist than the writing of grammars. (I am 
>>unapologetically biased.)
Dan Everett
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