Conference on Ditransitive Constructions

Martin Haspelmath haspelmath at EVA.MPG.DE
Mon Apr 16 10:31:37 UTC 2007

The deadline (30 April 2007) is approaching...

Conference on Ditransitive Constructions

Leipzig, 23-25 November 2007

organized by Andrej Malchukov and Martin Haspelmath
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
Conference URL:

Invited speakers:

Balthasar Bickel
Bernard Comrie
Bernd Heine & Christa K├Ânig

=== Call for Abstracts ===

We invite abstracts for a Conference on Ditransitive Constructions at 
the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, 23-25 November 
2007. We especially encourage contributions providing a systematic 
description of ditransitive constructions in individual, little-known 
languages (perhaps guided by the Questionnaire), based on original 
fieldwork. But papers dealing with ditransitive constructions in better 
known languages, or from a comparative or general theoretical 
perspective, are also welcome. We are hoping to publish an edited volume 
including a position paper and 20-odd selected surveys of ditransitive 
constructions in typologically diverse languages on the basis of 
conference presentations.

Send your one-page abstract to Andrej Malchukov at the address below, 
preferably by email (in plain text or in PDF format), to arrive no later 
than April 30th, 2007. Notification of acceptance is by May 15th, 2007.

=== Further information ===

Andrej Malchukov (andrej_malchukov at eva dot mpg dot de)
Martin Haspelmath (haspelmath at eva dot mpg dot de)

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 6
D-04103 Leipzig

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