Announcement: A grammar of Galo, by Mark Post

Alexandra Aikhenvald A.Aikhenvald at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Thu Feb 7 06:08:54 UTC 2008

Dear Typologists:

The following  PhD dissertation (completed at RCLT) has been approved:

Mark Post

A grammar of Galo

This word is the first comprehensive descriptive grammar of the Lare
dialect of Galo, a Tibeto-Burman language of the Tani branch spoken in
central Arunachal Pradesh State, in the North East Indian Himalaya. It
is based on primary data obtained from original fieldwork conducted by
the author in Galo towns and villages in Arunachal Pradesh over three
years. In addition to description of the synchronic phonology and
grammar of Lare Galo, it contains a historical overview and preliminary
reconstruction of Proto-Galo segmental phonology, in addition to a
glossary of approximately 1,300 lexical roots with 4,000 lexical
exemplars and three fully analyzed texts.

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