New books on East Caucasian languages

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Dear friends,
just for those of you who you are interested in East Caucasian: There 
are two new books available:

- Khidirov, Veli S. 2007. Glagol v kryzskom jazyke (tipologicheskoe 
issledovanie v sravnenii s glagol'nymi kategorijami v lezginskikh 
jazykakh). Baku: Mutardzhim (368 str.). [The best description of the 
Kryts verb so far. Written by a native speaker of Kryts.]
- Talibov, Bukar B. 2007. Budukhskij jazyk. Moskva: Akademia (304 str.). 
[A highly useful grammar, including texts; the first book-size grammar 
of Budukh so far. Written by the grand seigneur of Lezgian linguistics, 
B.B. Talibov (1928-2003) . Simply excellent!]

In addition, you may want to have a closer look at:
- Korjakov, Ju. B. 2006. Atlas kavkazskikh jazykov s prilozheniem 
polnogo reestra jazykov. Moskva: Piligrim (76 str.). [A must for all 
people interested in the areal distribution of the languages of the 
Caucasus, extremely high resolution of maps. Marvelous! The proposed 
classification of the languages of the Caucasus, however, needs further 
discussion, I think.]

Best wishes,



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