TYpology of distribution of functional words in Sholohov's texts

Paul Hopper hopper at CMU.EDU
Fri Aug 21 16:04:40 UTC 2009


Has Sholohov's authorship of Tihij Don ever been disputed?

It would really be useful to do an authorship study of Voloshinov's
'Marxism and the Philosophy of Language' compared the writings of Bakhtin.
Has this ever been done, do you know? Such a study might find a publisher
more readily than what seems to be an exercise in method that confirms
what has, as far as I know, never been disputed.


On Fri, August 21, 2009 09:14, Yuri Tambovtsev wrote:
> Dear Typologists, I have written an article on the typology of
> distribution of functional words in TIHIJ DON and the other texts of
> Mihail Sholohov. The distances between these texts were calculated on the
> basis of the frequency of occurrence of prepositions and other functional
> words. The actual authorship of Sholovov can be established. Please,
> advise me a journal and its email address where my article could be
> published. Looking forward to hearing from you to yutamb at mail.ru  Yours
> sincerely Yuri Tambovtsev, Novosibirsk, Russia

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