ELDP grant round open

Peter Austin pa2 at SOAS.AC.UK
Fri May 15 10:01:14 UTC 2009

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Endangered Languages Documentation Programme 2009 Grant Cycle 2 is now open 
for applications.  The closing date is 3rd August 2009.

Full details including application pack and forms are available at


   * Small Grants
   * Individual Graduate Scholarships
   * Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships
   * Major Documentation Projects
   * Training Activity Grants (opening postponed: see below)

   * Applications open: 15 May
   * Applications due: 3 August
   * Decisions notified: January 2010

Grant types

Small Grants (SG)
Small grants are a new category and replace the previous field trip grants 
and pilot projects. They can be used for a range of purposes related to the 
documentation of endangered languages, such as to carry out fieldwork, 
develop a pilot project, or complete a project already begun. The maximum 
grant awarded will be Ł10,000.

Individual Graduate Scholarships (IGS)
IGS applications are invited from individuals seeking scholarship funding 
for up to 3 years. Individual Graduate Scholarship projects last for 12 to 
36 months; field trips are normally involved. In addition to field trip 
costs, you may apply for a stipend to cover the period while undertaking 
field research and processing the results. A stipend provides funding to 
cover direct living costs and is not a salary; as such, employment-based 
taxes should not be claimed.
      If you already hold an existing ELDP IGS you may apply for a 
supplement for up to 12 months of further support (use the separate 
application form).

Major Documentation Project (MDP)
MDP funding can cover elements including fieldwork costs, equipment, 
researchers' salaries, and graduate students' stipends (stipends should be 
included only for activities contributing to the project while in the field 
or processing the documentation materials). Project duration is from 6 to 
36 months. Funding for these projects typically ranges from less than 
40,000 pounds up to the maximum of 150,000 pounds. We encourage you to 
submit quality proposals that provide value for money and are clearly 

Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship (IPF)
IPF grantees are typically researchers at an early stage in their academic 
career (e.g. who have held a PhD less than 5 years), with qualifications in 
linguistics and experience in linguistic fieldwork. IPFs are available for 
between between 12 and 24 months.

Training Activity Grants (TAG)
Opening of applications for Training Activity Grants is postponed, as ELDP 
is still formulating the details of these new grants. Updated information 
will be available here in June 2009. We hope to open applications around 
mid 2009 so that awards can be taken up in 2010.

Please contact eldp at soas.ac.uk for further information.

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