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In Nganasan (Northern Samoyedic) d'indis'i means 'to hear', 'to obey'  
and 'to understand' (perfective). Having told me a short story the  
story teller asked me 'D'indi"eng?' = Have you understood? (double  
quotation mark for glottal stop).
dil's'itis'i to hear, to obey, to understand (imperfective)
The following was said by the native speaker:
sïtï n'intï d'ils'iti".
s/he NEG hear.CNG
he does not hear / he does not understand
kou-gu?-ti d'ils'itindi-?.
ear-PRT-PX3>PL hear-3PL
although his ears hear
siti n'inti d'ils'iti? hunsee s'ied´e-meni
s/he NEG.3 hear.CNG other tongue-PRO[prolative]
he does not understand foreign language



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