'Hear' as 'understand'

Dmitry Ganenkov ganenkov at MAIL.RU
Tue Feb 2 18:07:04 UTC 2010

Dear Nino,

"The Database of semantic shifts in the languages of the world" (currently developed at the Institute of Linguistics, Moscow) contains a number of examples showing relation between 'hear' and 'understand'. Some of these have already been mentioned in this thread. Others include the following (all data are extracted from dictionaries or other primary sources):

Koryak valomək - polysemy 'hear'-'understand'
Even dolǯ- - polysemy 'hear'-'understand'
Yakut isit- - polysemy 'hear'-'understand'
Itelmen elfses - polysemy 'hear'-'understand'
(some of the transcriptions may be not fully adequate, because they are in fact transliterations from the Cyrillic orthography of languages)

Kolyma Yukaghir möd - polysemy 'hear'-'understand'
Amharic sämma - polysemy 'hear'-'understand'
Tigrinya sämʕe - polysemy 'hear'-'understand'

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