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*PhD in language documentation*

*Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Nanyang Technological
University, Singapore*

The Division of Linguistics and Multilingual
 at Nanyang Technological University <>, Singapore,
invites suitably qualified people to apply to undertake research on a
hitherto undescribed (or scantily described) Tibeto-Burman, Austro-Asiatic
or Indic language of the north-east India/Burma region, leading to a
comprehensive grammatical description of that language. This project forms
part of a larger initiative to document the languages of north-east India
and adjacent regions of Asia. PhD research funding is guaranteed for three
years of candidature, with the possibility of extension. The NTU Research
Scholarship for international students starts at SIN $2000, rising to SIN
$2500 after confirmation. In addition, PhD students can apply for further
funding to cover fieldwork expenses.

The ideal applicant will have a solid grounding in descriptive linguistics
and already hold an MA, or a BA with a good Honours grade. Successful
applicants can anticipate doing one year of coursework, followed by three
years of empirically-based research. After completion of the coursework
year, the candidate will undertake a 9-12 month period of fieldwork that
will involve living in the speech community to record, transcribe and
analyse linguistic data. S/he will then return to Singapore to complete the
first draft of the grammar and prepare the corpus of materials for
archiving. A second trip of 3 months will be made in the final year to check
the analysis of the data.

Interested applicants should apply in the first instance to Dr Alexander
Coupe arcoupe at to discuss a possible research project.

For further information pertaining to graduate study at NTU, see:


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