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Silvia Luraghi silvia.luraghi at UNIPV.IT
Mon Mar 22 19:01:51 UTC 2010

>>Dear all,

I would like to call your attention on John 
Benjamins' new Journal of Historical Linguistics, 
edited by Johanna Barddal and myself. We plan the 
first issue for February-March next year, and 
would like to invite you to consider submitting papers on historical typology.
Best wishes

>John Benjamins is proud to announce a  significant addition to its program
>in historical linguistics. With the long-established journal Diachronica
>and now the new Journal of Historical Linguistics, we hope to provide a
>platform for the publication of many high-quality papers in this field.
>The Journal of Historical Linguistics aims to publish papers dealing with
>any language or language family as long as they make a significant
>contribution to the theory or methodology of the field of historical
>linguistics. In principle, all papers should have a diachronic orientation.
>Papers published in the journal are expected to present more than a
>repetition of previous studies extended to another dataset, but, e.g.,
>bring new perspectives, refine existing methodologies or challenge current
>views on general issues based on careful analysis of the extant historical
>data. Regarding methodology there is a need to extend methods and
>approaches well developed within linguistic typology to historical
>linguistics, as there is still a major gap between these two fields. This
>does not only mean that historical linguistics could profit from the
>contribution of linguistic typology, but also the contrary. Thus,
>contributions on diachronic typology, which combine methods from both
>fields, would be most welcome.
>Papers as a rule should be kept within a maximum of 10,000 words; longer
>papers may be considered depending on quality/relevance of the data. All
>papers will be peer reviewed by two or three external reviewers and by
>members of the editorial board. The journal will publish book reviews of
>medium length (up to 4,000 words); review articles (up to 10,000 words)
>will also be considered. In addition, the journal will have a section for
>book notices (500 words).
>To ensure that a submission fits the aim and scope of JHL, authors are
>encouraged to send a summary of their paper prior to formal submission, by
>electronic mail as regular text or attachment, to the editors:
>Silvia Luraghi
>University of Pavia
>Department of Linguistics
>Corso Strada Nuova 65
>I-27100 PAVIA, Italy
>silvia.luraghi at
>Jóhanna Barðdal
>University of Bergen
>Dept of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies
>P.O. Box 7805
>NO-5020 BERGEN, Norway
>johanna.barddal at

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