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The attached paper bears on Claire's first point.


Quoting Claire Bowern <clairebowern at GMAIL.COM>:

> Has anyone used Google Scholar's citations as part of a tenure or
> promotion case? It finds books and book chapters as well as articles
> (though presumably it doesn't have the same official status that some
> of the other indices have).
> Incidentally, to take up another thread of this discussion, peer
> review serves as a small discouragement to double-dipping (i.e.
> submitting the same work for publication twice in different places). I
> can think of a number of book chapters which have appeared unaltered
> in several volumes, either as a subsequent chapter in a
> single-authored book or as a book chapter after appearing in a
> refereed journal. If pages are so scarce and rejection rates so high,
> we shouldn't be wasting pages by having the same work appear more than
> once.
> Claire

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