Special PhD Scholarship at the Cairns Institute: Unlocking a tropical language

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Tue Sep 7 07:33:03 UTC 2010

A special PhD scholarship is now available at the Carins Instittute, Language and culture research group:
Unlocking a tropical language: focus on Papua New Guinea 

There is an outstanding opportunity for a well-qualified and socially motivated student of linguistics to take up a PhD scholarship within the exciting new Cairns Institute at James Cook University. New Guinea is home to the greatest linguistic diversity in the world. There are many fascinating languages with intricate grammatical structures which mirror the social, economic and geographical environment in which they are spoken. All are threatened by the encroaching tide of globalization. Maintaining and documenting their language is a key factor for community well-being and sustainable development. Those demanding urgent attention include languages of Manus Province, the Sepik area and the Huon Peninsula.
Stipend: $22,500 per annum tax free plus $7,000 project support (one off)
Contact: Professor Alexandra Aikhenvald, The Cairns Institute and School of Arts and Social Sciences, James Cook University, Cairns.  Alexandra.Aikhenvald at jcu.edu.au (07) 4042 1117

Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, PhD, DLitt, FAHA
Professor and Research Leader (Peoples and Societies of the Tropics)
The Cairns Institute 
James Cook University
PO Box 6811
Queensland 4870

mobile 0400 305315
office 61-7-40421117
home 61-7-40381876
alexandra.aikhenvald at jcu.edu.au  

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