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Dear LINGTYP colleagues,
May I draw your attention to the imminent 
publication of the Oxford Handbook of Linguistic 
Typology? The table of contents appears below. If 
you would like (to ask your 
university/institution library) to pre-order a 
copy, you can go to:

With best wishes,
Jae Jung Song

The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Typology
Edited by Jae Jung Song

November 2010, 776 pages, 978-0-19-928125-1, hardback, £ 85.00
Oxford University Press

Part I.

Setting the Stage - Jae Jung Song

Part II. Foundations: History, Theory and Method

1. The (Early) History of Linguistic Typology - Paolo Ramat
2. The Pioneers of Linguistic Typology: From 
Gabelentz to Greenberg - Giorgio Graffi
3. Linguistic Typology and the Study of Language - Michael Daniel
4. Explaining Language Universals - Edith Moravcsik
5. The Problem of Cross-Linguistic Identification - Leon Stassen
6. Language Sampling  - Dik Bakker

Part III. Theoretical Dimensions of Linguistic Typology

7. Markedness: Iconicity, Economy and Frequency - Joan Bybee
8. Competing Motivations - John Haiman
9. Categories and Prototypes - Johan van der Auwera and Volker Gast
10. Implicational Hierarchies - Greville Corbett
11. Processing Efficiency and Complexity in Typological Patterns - John Hawkins
12. Language Universals and Linguistic Knowledge - Sonia Cristofaro

Part IV. Empirical Dimensions of Linguistic Typology

13. Word Order Typology - Jae Jung Song
14. Word Classes - Walter Bisang
15. Case-Marking Typology - Beatrice Primus
16. Person Marking - Anna Siewierska
17. Transitivity Typology - Seppo Kittilä
18. Voice Typology -  Leonid Kulikov
19. Grammatical Relation Typology - Balthasar Bickel
20.Typology of Tense, Aspect and Modality Systems - Ferdinand de Haan
21. Syntactic Typology - Lindsay Whaley
22. Morphological Typology - Dunstan Brown
23. Semantic Typology - Nicholas Evans
24. Typology of Phonological Systems - Ian Maddieson

Part V. Linguistic Typology in a Wider Context

25. Linguistic Typology and Historical Linguistics - Kenneth Shields
26. Linguistic Typology and Language Contact - Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm
27. Linguistic Typology and First Language Acquisition - Melissa Bowerman
28. Linguistic Typology and Second Language Acquisition - Fred Eckman
29. Linguistic Typology and Language Documentation - Patience Epps
30. Linguistic Typology and Formal Grammar - Maria Polinsky

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Language Index
Subject Index
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