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LT 14(2) 2010



Nicoleta Bateman

The change from labial to palatal as glide hardening

Elisabeth Verhoeven

Agentivity and stativity in experiencer verbs:  Implications for a  
typology of verb classes

Michael Cysouw

Dealing with diversity: Towards an explanation of NP-internal word  
order frequencies

Book Reviews

Juliette Blevins

Syllable structure: The limits of variation, by San Duanmu

Elizabeth Closs Traugott

 From polysemy to semantic change, edited by Martine Vanhove

Ekkehard K├Ânig

Cyclical change, edited by Elly van Gelderen

Chiara Gianollo

Bilingualism and the Latin language, by J. N. Adams 
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