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Watch out for this in a few weeks, on LT's website ( 
) and eventually in your letter box.

Hold on if you're about to send off papers claiming (counterfactually)  
that adjectives are after all universal, that only agriculturalists  
can count beyond 5 or 6, and that evidentiality isn't in evidence  
outside western North America, the Amazon region, the Caucasus, and  
the Himalayas.

And once more, a sad envoi.

LT 16(1) 2012


Wallace Chafe
Are adjectives universal? The case of Nor thern Iroquoian 		1

Patience Epps, Claire Bowern, Cynthia A. Hansen,
Jane H. Hill, and Jason Zentz
On numeral complexity in hunter-gatherer languages 		39

Lila San Roque and Robyn Loughnane
The New Guinea Highlands evidentiality area 			109

Book Reviews

Paolo Ramat
Evidentiality in German, by Gabriele Diewald & Elena Smirnova 		167

Paolo Ramat
Linguistic realization of evidentiality in European languages,
edited by Gabriele Diewald & Elena Smirnova 					175


Leader in typology and European linguistics:
Anna Siewierska (1955–2011) 		
Mar tin Haspelmath and Ekkehard König				183
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