MA Program in Linguistics, University of Pavia

Sonia Cristofaro sonia.cristofaro at UNIPV.IT
Sun Aug 12 07:32:43 UTC 2012

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The Linguistics section at the Department for Humanities, University
of Pavia, Italy, invites applications for a two year MA program in
`Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and Linguistics of Modern

The program aims to provide students with extensive training in the
theoretical foundations and practical applications of linguistic
analysis. Areas covered by the program include (but are not limited
to) historical linguistics, linguistic typology, language teaching,
second language acquisition,  sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics,
computational linguistics, English linguistics, and translation

Applications should be submitted by September 7th, 2012. For more
information, please contact the Program Director, Prof. Sonia
Cristofaro, at
sonia.cristofaro at

or visit the program website at

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