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Here is a reply from ethnomusicology:

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The first three are probably the most relevant.

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Manabe, Noriko 2006 "Globalization and Japanese 
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Auzanneau, Michelle and Vincent Fayol  2004 
“Aeusserungsereignis und Sprachvariabilitaet im 
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Pennycook, Alastair 2007 Global Englishes and 
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At 02:47 AM 30-08-12, David Gil wrote:
>Dear all,
>Is anybody familiar with any published studies 
>of rap, examining the relationship between 
>musical beat and lexical stress?  I'd be 
>interested in such studies for English, or for any other language.
>Background:  I have observed possible 
>differences across different dialects of 
>Indonesian, which seem to be related to their 
>different stress patterns, and I would like to 
>know whether such correlations reflect more 
>general cross-linguistic tendencies.  Of course, 
>many such studies exist for other poetic and 
>musical genres, but my interest here is 
>specifically in rap, ie. "spoken" language 
>associated with a typically binary beat.
>David Gil
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>Webpage:  http://www.eva.mpg.de/~gil/

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