Font-related problem for linguists

Peter Kahrel kahrel at KAHREL.PLUS.COM
Thu Mar 1 15:30:39 UTC 2012



Lucida Sans Unicode doesn't have an italic font, Word
fools you into thinking that it does by slanting the roman font.
Similarly, it tricks you into thinking that LSU has bold and bold
italics fonts. It doesn't: these too are fauxed, so to speak. This is
useful if you use Word, but it won't carry over to other systems so
you'd still have to make sure that the typesetters are told about such


> I usually recommend Lucida Sans Unicode to my
students for IPA. On my version of Microsoft Word, this font does have
an italicized [a] (if you can see it, it looks like <_a>_) as well as an
italicized ash_ _(_æ_).
> Robert
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