interactive version of ASJP lexical database

Sebastian Nordhoff sebastian_nordhoff at EVA.MPG.DE
Tue Sep 4 19:05:14 UTC 2012

Dear all,

an interactive version of the lexical database of the Automated
Similarity Judgment Program (ASJP) is now online at The data come from Version 15 of the
ASJP database, whose official web location is The latter site
explains how to cite the database and gives references to sources. The
data consist of 5843 40-item word lists for 3922 different languages (as
defined in Ethnologue), i.e. around 58% of the world's languages. The
new interactive version, which I have created, allows you to

-display all lexemes from one language

-display the lexemes for a certain concept in all languages

-display a family with the corresponding neighbor-joining tree

-create your own set of languages and families and inspect the
corresponding neighbor-joining tree, which is computed on-the-fly,jpn&families=ROMANCE

-compare the lexemes of a set of languages,spa,ita

For more information about ASJP, the aims, methods, and conventions
used, and the scientific papers explicating the details, please visit

Feedback is welcome

Best wishes
Sebastian Nordhoff

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