[Lingtyp] coordination and predicate negation

Alexander Letuchiy alexander_letuchiy at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 6 12:47:10 UTC 2015

Dear colleagues,
Are you aware of any linguistic work on coordination in constructions with predicate negation?One of the questions which I am interested in is why in some languages (English) the negation can be expressed once (1), while in others (Russian) it must be expressed twice (3), while (2) is ungrammatical:
English:(1) He does not read books or watch TV.
Russian:(2) *On  ne    chitaet  knigi      i /        ili smotrit     televizor        he  NEG  reads     books  and  /  or watches   TV        Intended: 'He does not read books and / or watch TV'.
(3)  On  ne      chitaet   knigi   i        ne      smotrit    televizor        he  NEG   reads     books and NEG   watches   TV        'He does not read books and does not watch TV'.
Thanks a lot in advance,
Sasha Letuchiy, Moscow 		 	   		  
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