[Lingtyp] CfP: Propositions vs. States-of-Affairs

Kasper Boye boye at hum.ku.dk
Thu Oct 8 10:49:12 UTC 2015

Propositions vs. States-of-Affairs
Workshop proposal for the 49th SLE meeting, Naples, August 31 – September 3, 2016


Kasper Boye and Marie-Louise Lind Sørensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

This workshop aims at bringing together linguists of different orientations and with different research focuses in order to furnish our understanding of contrasts between Propositions (truth-valued predications) and SoAs (non-truth-valued predications).

Topics and issues covered
All aspects of Proposition-SoA contrasts are of relevance to the workshop, including the following:

Proposition-SoA contrasts in individual languages or language families or across language families
-     Nominalization contrasts.
-     Noun contrasts
-     Contrasts in complement, adverbial and/or relative clauses
Modelling the Proposition-SoA contrast in specific frameworks
A typology of Proposition types and/or SoA types
Interaction of the Proposition-SoA contrast with other categories, including:
-     Realis-irrealis contrasts
-     Finite-nonfinite or balanced-deranked contrasts
-     Tensed-nontensed contrasts
-     Evidentiality
-     Modality

Submission procedure
We invite you to submit abstracts of up to 300 words related to the topic outlined above. Please send your abstract to the organizers of the workshop:

boye at hum.ku.dk<mailto:boye at hum.ku.dk>
mlsoerensen at hum.ku.dk

Deadline for submission of the 300 word abstract is November 10, 2015. Selected abstracts will be included in the workshop proposal, and a 500 word version will have to be submitted directly to the SLE by January 15, 2016 (cf. http://sle2016.eu/call-for-papers).

Kind regards,
Kasper Boye and Marie-Louise Lind Sørensen
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