[Lingtyp] Ugric database

Edith A Moravcsik edith at uwm.edu
Fri Dec 16 19:13:24 EST 2016

The typological database of the Ugric languages is available at http://utdb.elte.hu

Spearheaded by Ferenc Havas (havas.ferenc at btk.elte.hu) and funded by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, the database was initiated in 2005 and completed last year. It surveys four Uralic languages/dialects of the Ugric subgroup:

   - Hungarian
   - Mansi (Vogul) (Northern dialect)
   - Synja dialect of Khanti (Ostyak)
   - Surgut dialect of Khanti (Ostyak)

About 200 typologically relevant structural properties are included.

The database is available in English, Russian, and Hungarian.

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