[Lingtyp] CfP: 3rd Conference on Usage-Based Linguistics

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*3rd Conference on Usage-Based Linguistics* (call for papers)

We are pleased to announce the 3rd annual Usage-Based Linguistics
conference, which will take place between *July 3-5, 2017*. The conference
is organized jointly by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
University. This year the conference will be held at the Mount Scopus
campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The conference aims to bring together researchers who study language
structure and use from a wide range of perspectives (linguistic,
typological, developmental, psycholinguistic, interaction-oriented,
computational). This year’s special theme is the relation between language
processing and language typology and change: how do cognitive biases affect
how language is structured and how it changes over time? We are delighted
to have three invited speakers whose work touches on this question from
different perspectives: *Prof. Ruth Berman* (Tel Aviv University), *Dr.
Jennifer Culberston* (University of Edinburgh), and *Prof. Martin
Hilpert* (University
of Neuchâtel).

We invite original papers, which adopt an empirical approach to language,
including (but not limited to) corpus-based, computational and experimental
approaches. We welcome abstracts on any aspect of language structure and
use. Proposals are welcome for 30-minute talks (20 minute talk + 10 minute
discussion), as well as for posters.

Abstracts are limited to one page + one page of examples and references
(minimum 11 point font).
Abstracts should be submitted to *ubljlm17 at gmail.com <ubljlm17 at gmail.com>*.

*Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1 February 2017.*
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 15 March 2017.

Conference website for details and updates: https://ubljlm17.wordpress.com

Local organizing committee: Mira Ariel (TAU), Inbal Arnon (HUJI), Elitzur
Bar-Asher Siegal (HUJI), Eitan Grossman (HUJI), Dorit Ravid (TAU)

Contact person: Maya Inbar at ubljlm17 at gmail.com

Past UBL conferences:
UBL 2015 http://www.hum.huji.ac.il/upload/_FILE_1430297423.pdf
UBL 2016 https://ubltlv2016.wordpress.com
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