[Lingtyp] Glossed corpora of languages w/o grammaticalized definiteness marking

Geoffrey Haig geoffrey.haig at uni-bamberg.de
Fri Jun 7 03:10:06 EDT 2019

Dear Jürgen,

in our Multi-CAST archive (Multilingual Corpus of Annotated Spoken 
Texts) we have a collection of glossed and annotated spoken texts, 
several of which would meet your criteria (e.g. from Sanzhi 
(Nakh-Daghestanian), Northern Kurdish (Iranian, I-E), Mandarin), linked 
to sound files. The texts are also annotated for referent 
identification, so you can trace mentions of the same referent across 
the texts, which can be relevant for investigating definiteness.

As we are currently finalizing a major update, I won't send you a link 
right now but you or your advisee is welcome to contact me directly for 



Am 06.06.2019 um 22:02 schrieb Bohnemeyer, Juergen:
> Dear colleagues — An advisee of mine is looking for glossed texts to investigate the use of strategies alternative to grammaticalized definiteness marking. Basically, she’s trying to identify about half a dozen genealogically and areally unrelated languages each of which meets all of the following criteria:
> 1. The language lacks grammaticalized definiteness marking.
> 2. A text or corpus of texts is available for the language that has Leipzig-standard interlinear glosses and translations in English or Spanish.
> 3. The text (corpus) comprises at least about 1000 clauses, but ideally twice that or more.
> 4. The individual texts should be long-ish and their referring expressions shouldn’t be predominately proper names.
> If you’re aware of a language so resourced, please let me know!
> Many thanks! — Juergen
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