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On behalf of Jeff Good (ALT President), Dmitry Idiatov (Treasurer), and the
juries for both the Greenberg and Pāṇini committees, I am pleased to
announce the award recipients and also those with high commendations.

The *Pāṇini* award was established to encourage and honor achievements in
the field of documenting the world’s linguistic diversity through the
writing of reference grammars. The winner is "A Grammar of Gyeli" (Nadine

The jury also identified two grammars to be "highly commended." They are:

"Grammaire du Khroskyabs de Wobzi" (Yunfan LAI)

"A Grammar of the Southern Cook Islands Maori" (Sally NICHOLAS)

In addition, the jury also acknowledges three grammars that were
"short-listed," in that they received a number of positive reviews from
jury members. They are:

"A Grammar of Fwe: A Bantu Language of Zambia and Namibia" (Hilde GUNNINK)

"The Milang Language: Grammar and Texts" (Yankee MODI)

"A Grammar of Wampis" (Jaime German PEÑA)

The *Joseph Greenberg Award* recognizes and honors the best piece of
typological research embodied in a doctoral dissertation or equivalent. The
winner is "Highly Complex Syllable Structure: A Typological Study of its
Phonological Characteristics and Diachronic Development" (Shelece EASTERDAY)

Additionally, the jury also identified two works to be "highly commended."
They are:

"A Typological Study of Noun Phrase Structures in Australian Languages"

"A Typology of Antipassives, With Special Reference to Mayan" (Raina HEATON)

Congratulations are in order for all of these authors! The winners will
present on their works at the upcoming ALT 13 meeting
<https://sites.google.com/universitadipavia.it/alt2019/home> in Pavia,

We wish to thank all who submitted works for review to these committees.
Both chairs indicated that there were many strong submissions, and that it
was challenging to come to the above decisions, even though these named
works clearly stood out as excellent. We are also grateful to the juries
and the chairs for all of their work. A full report on the winning
submissions and a full acknowledgement of members of both juries will be
sent in the next ALT newsletter, which will be sent around in July.
('Thanks' in Manange)

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