6.1685, Calls: Int'l phonology meeting, Multilinguality in the lexicon

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Subject: 6.1685, Calls: Int'l phonology meeting, Multilinguality in the lexicon
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Date:  Tue, 28 Nov 1995 12:12:18 PST
From:  john at ling.univie.ac.at (John Rennison)
Subject:  Announcement: 8th Int. Phonology Meeting
Date:  Fri, 01 Dec 1995 11:57:00 GMT
From:  lynneca at cogs.susx.ac.uk (Lynne Cahill)
Subject:  Multilinguality in the lexicon - final Call for Papers
Date:  Tue, 28 Nov 1995 12:12:18 PST
From:  john at ling.univie.ac.at (John Rennison)
Subject:  Announcement: 8th Int. Phonology Meeting
Announcement and call for papers
Eighth International Phonology Meeting
                   Syllables !?
                                   1-3 November 1996, Vienna
The Eighth International Phonology Meeting will be held from 1-3
November 1996 in Vienna, Austria. It will be much smaller in scale
than the previous "phonology olympiads" in Krems, Eisenstadt and
Vienna, and for the first time will have a general theme.  The choice
of the theme SYLLABLES!? stems from the dissatisfaction of many
phonologists with the status of what up to now has been called "the
syllable". In several of the newer phonological theories, there is no
provision for the syllable as a central or even relevant phonological
concept. On the other hand, concepts of a lower level (such as onset,
nucleus, beat, etc.) and of higher levels (foot, stress group, etc.)
have been the focus of increased interest. The aim of this meeting is
therefore to bring together phonologists concerned with establishing
new theoretical constructs to replace traditional syllables _ whether
they bear the name "syllable" or not.
Under the general theme of SYLLABLES !? there will be 3 topics :
1. Structure and content of syllables.
2. External evidence for phonological syllables and their
3. Inter-syllable relations.
Invited speakers include:
Pier Marco Bertinetto, Kasia Dziubalska, John Harris, Jonathan Kaye,
Elke Ronneberger-Sibold
There will be 6 main papers (2 per topic) by invited speakers (45
min. presentation and 15 min. discussion) and up to 34 section papers
(20 min. presentation and 10 min. discussion), for which we invite the
submission of abstracts. All papers will be plenary, and there will be
no other types of session or workshop during the day, but we encourage
evening workshops or discussion groups to be held on 2nd November
(only). Please write or e-mail if you wish to organize one.
Please submit one one-page camera-ready original of your abstract for
a 20-minute section paper to the address given at the end of this
announcement, and indicate which topic you are submitting for.  No
email or fax abstracts, please! The deadline for submission is
                            31st May 1996
The abstracts will be available electronically by anonymous FTP
before the meeting, and in printed form at registration.
The registration fee is ATS 350, payable in cash, in Austrian
Schillings at registration (for students ATS 250). We have decided
against pre-payment because of the horrendous banking charges. The
fee includes coffee during breaks and hopefully (depending on
sponsors) a wine party on 1st November.
If you wish to attend the meeting, please write to:
Phonology Meeting (John Rennison)
Institut f. Sprachwissenschaft
Berggasse 11                                      tel. +43 1 3103886
A-1090 Wien                                    fax: +43 1 3103886-23
Austria / Europe                     email: phon96 at ling.univie.ac.at
Date:  Fri, 01 Dec 1995 11:57:00 GMT
From:  lynneca at cogs.susx.ac.uk (Lynne Cahill)
Subject:  Multilinguality in the lexicon - final Call for Papers
             AISB96 Workshop: Multilinguality in the lexicon
                          FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS
                            1st December 1995
                 ** SUBMISSION DEADLINE 18th December **
Dates:      1st - 2nd April, 1996
Venue:      University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
Organisers: Dr Lynne Cahill, University of Sussex
            Dr Roger Evans, University of Brighton
- -----
This workshop aims to bring together active researchers with an
interest in the issues surrounding multilingual aspects of lexicons.
Traditionally, multilingual issues in the lexicon have primarily been
a concern of applied NLP research, notably machine translation and
more recently multilingual generation; the recent upsurge of work on
more theoretical aspects of lexical representation has focussed on a
monolingual view. However, these two strands are now beginning to come
together: theoreticians are branching out into multilingual issues,
and applied researchers are beginning to exploit some of the newer
developments in lexical representation. This workshop provides an
opportunity for lexical practitioners of all sorts to focus on the
particular problems and questions associated with multilingual lexical
Papers are invited on any aspects of multilinguality in the lexicon
including but not limited to: pragmatics, semantics, syntax,
morphology, phonology, orthography; machine translation, generation,
understanding; bilingual and multilingual issues; related and
unrelated languages; issues of representation and access. In addition,
we invite proposals to demonstrate working systems.
- --------
Extended abstracts (up to 5 A4 pages) and demonstration proposals (up
to 2 A4 pages) should be submitted to Lynne Cahill either
electronically (our preference) in plain ASCII text or LaTeX, or hard
copy (three copies). Submission deadline is 18th December. Authors
will be notified of acceptance by 15th January. Final papers will be
due 1st March.
AISB Workshops
- ------------
This workshop is part of the AISB96 workshop series, comprising 10 or
so independent workshops on various aspects of AI, running
simultaneously over 1st-2nd April 1996. While the technical programme
of each workshop is separate and self-contained, registration and
accommodation will be organised centrally through the AISB96
organisers (contact details below), and participants of all the
workshops will be able to mix freely outside of the technical sessions
(mealtimes, evening etc.).
Important dates
- -------------
18th Dec    Submission deadline
15th Jan    Notificiation of accepted papers
1st  Mar    Camera-ready papers deadline
1st-2nd Apr Workshop
Contact points
- ------------
For enquiries about the technical programme of this workshop, contact
either of the organisers:
    Dr Lynne Cahill,                    Dr Roger Evans,
    School of Cognitive and             Information Technology Research
        Computing Sciences,                 Institute,
    University of Sussex,               University of Brighton,
    Falmer, Brighton,                   Lewes Rd, Brighton
    BN1 9QH                             BN2 4AT
    UK                                  UK
    Email: lynneca at cogs.susx.ac.uk      Email: Roger.Evans at itri.brighton.ac.uk
    Tel:   +44 1273 678564              Tel:   +44 1273 642902
    Fax:   +44 1273 671320              Fax:   +44 1273 642908
For enquiries about the organisation of the workshop, and general
enquiries about the AISB96 workshop series as a whole, contact the
AISB96 organisers:
    Dave Cliff,                         Alison White,
    AISB96 Workshop Series Chair,       AISB96 Local Organisation Chair,
    (address as Lynne Cahill above)     (address as Lynne Cahill above)
    Email: davec at cogs.susx.ac.uk        Email: alisonw at cogs.susx.ac.uk
    Tel:   +44 1273 678754              Tel:   +44 1273 678448
    Fax:   +44 1273 671320              Fax:   +44 1273 671320
Or see  http://www.cogs.susx.ac.uk/aisb/aisb96
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