6.1702, TOC: Sprachtypologie & Universalienforschung

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-------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
STUF (Sprachtypologie & Universalienforschung -- Language Typology and
Universals), vol. 48 (1995)
issue 3
FENK-OCZLON, G. & FENK, A: Selbstorganisation und natuerliche Typologie
MAAS, U.: Koverben im marokkanischen Arabisch
LAZARD, G.: Le georgien: actance duale ("active") ou ergative? Typologie des
     verbes anti-impersonnels
K. Borjars: Rev. of G. CORBETT et al. (eds.) 1994. Heads in grammatical
K. Kazenin: Rev. of S. KEMMER (1993) The middle voice.
issue 4
DOTTER, F. & HOLZINGER, D.: Typologie und Gebaerdensprache
SAXENA, A.: Unidirectional grammaticalization: Diachronic and
     cross-linguistic evidence
K. Hengeveld: Rev. of M. HASPELMATH (1993) A grammar of Lezgian.
T. Kuteva: Rev. of B. HEINE (1993) Auxiliaries: Cognitive forces and
G. Lazard: Rev. of B. COMRIE & M. POLINSKY (eds.) (1993) Causatives and
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