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Subject: 6.1709, Jobs: Any specialization, Africanist, Applied
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Date:  06 Dec 1995 14:20:55
From:  amreed at facstaff.wm.edu (Reed Ann M)
Subject:       Linguist for undergraduate program
Date:  Thu, 07 Dec 1995 18:14:08 +1100
From:  aikaling at durras.anu.edu.au (Alexandra Aikhenvald)
Subject:  Job for an africanist
Date:  Thu, 07 Dec 1995 12:53:05 +1200
From:  griffith at kula.usp.ac.fj (Patrick Griffiths)
Subject:  Job: South Pacific Appl Ling
Date:  06 Dec 1995 14:20:55
From:  amreed at facstaff.wm.edu (Reed Ann M)
Subject:       Linguist for undergraduate program
Anticipated tenure-track position in undergraduate linguistics
program.  Field of specialization open (some background in
descriptive research preferred).  Substantial experience teaching
introductory linguistics and phonology/morphology courses necessary.
PhD in hand.  Letter and cv must be received no later than January
16, 1996.  Terry Meyers, Chair, English Department, College of
William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA 23187.
The College of William and Mary is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative
Action University.  Members of underrepresented groups (including
people of color, persons with disabilities, Vietnam veterans and
women) are encouraged to apply.
Date:  Thu, 07 Dec 1995 18:14:08 +1100
From:  aikaling at durras.anu.edu.au (Alexandra Aikhenvald)
Subject:  Job for an africanist
This is a 12-month position for a scholar in Sub-Saharan African
Linguistics to work with Professor R.M.W. Dixon and Professor Alexandra Y.
Aikhenvald on their research project 'The categories of human languages',
funded by the Australian Research Council. Applicants should already have a
PhD in Linguistics, or be about to obtain one.
        The project aims to study the main grammatical categories found in
human languages and provide a characterisation of the parameters of
variation concerning their realisation, function and meaning. It will also
enquire why certain languages have certain categories, organised in the way
they are, looking both at interrelations between category types and for
interrelations between grammatical categories and extralinguistic factors
such as ecological environment, socio-political organisation, economic
basis, and lifestyle.
        The successful applicant will work as a member of a team,
investigating grammatical categories across the languages of Sub-Saharan
Africa, from the Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan and Khoisan families.
        Australian libraries have fair collections of books on African
languages, but it is expected that the Research Associate will need to make
a trip to libraries in the Northern Hemisphere, partway through his year
with us. Funds are available to finance such a trip.
        The post is for 12 months only, from a date to be agreed in
mid-1996 until the same date in mid-1997.
        Salary will be within the range $37,345 - $40,087 (Research
Associate/Level A) or $42,198 - $50,111 (Senior Research Associate/ Level
B). (These are in Australian Dollars.)  An allowance will be made to cover
travelling expenses to and from Australia at the beginning and end of the
period of employment.
        Further particulars can be obtained by e-mail from Professor
Aikhenvald (aikaling at fac.anu.edu.au) or by fax from Professor Dixon
Closing date: 31 January 1996.  Ref: FA 10.11.1
Applications, addressing the selection criteria should be submitted in
duplicate to: Secretary, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT,
0200, Australia, quoting reference number and including curriculum vitae,
list of publications, plus names, addresses and faxes of three academic
referees. Applicants may, if they wish, also send copies of published or
unpublished papers.
The university has a strict 'no-smoking' policy in all University buildings
and vehicles.
The university is an equal opportunity employer.
Selection Criteria:
1.      Thorough professional training in linguistics, with special
reference   to language description and linguistic typology.
2.      Applicants should either already have a PhD, or be in the final
stages  of a Doctoral Program.
3.      A good general knowledge of the languages of Sub-Saharan Africa
and experience in working with some of these languages.
4.      Ability to work, under direction, as a member of a research team.
5.      Ability to work to a timetable, and produce results on time.
1.      Some training in anthropology.
2.      Ability to speak one or more languages from Sub-Saharan Africa.
  from: R. M. W. Dixon
        Alexandra Aikhenvald
        Linguistics, Arts
        ANU, 0200 ACT Australia
Date:  Thu, 07 Dec 1995 12:53:05 +1200
From:  griffith at kula.usp.ac.fj (Patrick Griffiths)
Subject:  Job: South Pacific Appl Ling
	NB Queries should be addressed to Tuinamuana_K at usp.ac.fj
Ms Katarina Tuinamuana, whose address this is, is au fait with language
education and applied linguistics and can provide informed responses
to inquiries from potential applicants.  Fax and telephone numbers are
provided in the body of this transmission; see below.  The closing date
for applications is mid-January.
	(Please don't send questions about the job to Patrick Griffiths.
I'm a linguist in a different department of the University of the South
Pacific and am merely forwarding the information about because I have an
interest in there being a good Applied Linguistics team elsewhere in the
Humanities building!)
    DISCLAIMER:  The text below does not present contractually binding
    conditions, least of all upon Patrick Griffiths, who acts solely as
    messenger.  I offer it as news, not as a basis for litigation.  Get
    authentic details from the Registrar of the University of the South
    Pacific.  Her telephone and fax numbers are also given below.
	The University of the South Pacific invites applications for the
following position:
Applicants should have: (a) Postgraduate qualifications in Applied
Linguistics with at least a Master's degree but preferably a PhD,
specialising in TESL or Language and Literature education; (b) qualified
teaching experience in primary or secondary schools, and (c) experience
in teacher education.  Experience in supervising postgraduate students
would be an added advantage.  The successful candidate will take overall
responsibility for the Certificate in TESL programme, taught through
extension study and summer schools, as well as other departmental degree
offerings in language and literature education, and contribute to the
Department's postgraduate programme in the above areas.  She/he must be
prepared to conduct summer schools and workshops in the South Pacific
region.  Experience in teaching/research in developing countries will be
an important consideration in the selection of the successful candidate.
Salary will be in accordance with qualifications and experience in the
salary scales: Lecturer: F$22,442-28,270-31,888; Senior Lecturer:
F$32,623- 38,118.
Appointment will be for a contract period of three years and may be
renewed by mutual agreement.  It is the present policy of the University
to readvertise positions after six years in the case of renewable positions.
The University also provides gratuity amounting to 15% of basic salary;
appointment allowance; partly furnished accommodation at a rental of
12.5% of salary and a contribution of 10% of basic salary towards an
approved superannuation scheme.
Further information on the University may be obtained from the Assistant
Registrar (Staffing) (Telephone: +679 313900); Fax +679 303437).
Inquiries related to the job description may be directed to Katarina
Tuinamuana, Department of Education & Psychology:
	e-mail TUINAMUANA_K at USP.AC.FJ or Fax +679 305053.
Candidates should send THREE COPIES of their curriculum vitae with full
personal particulars, names and addresses including fax contacts of three
referees and date of availability.  Please note that application will
only be processed on receipt of three copies of the full application.  In
order to expedite the appointment procedures, applicants are advised to
ask their referees to send confidential reports direct to the University
without waiting to be contacted.  Please ask your referees to include the
number and the title of the post in their reports.  Certified true copies
of documents sent for or in connection with applications will not be
Applications should be sent to the Registrar, The University of the South
Pacific, Suva, Fiji, to reach her no later than January 15, 1996.
The University of the South Pacific is a regional university serving the
needs of twelve countries in the South Pacific: Cook Islands, Fiji,
Kiribati, Republic of Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Solomon Islands,
Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Western Samoa.  It has two campuses:
the Alafua Campus in Western Samoa where the School of Agriculture and
the Institute of Research, Extension and Training in Agriculture are
based; and Laucala Campus in Suva, Fiji, where the School of Humanities,
School of Pure and Applied Sciences, School of Social and Economic
Development, the other Institutes of the University and University
Extension headquarters are based.  The Law Department and the Pacific
Language Unit are situated in the University Complex in Vanuatu.  There
are University Extension Centres in all the member countries except
Tokelau.  While the Schools of the University are based on the two
Campuses, a large part of their work is directed to students resident in
the other member countries by distance education.  The University has a
well-equipped Computer Centre, computerised library facilities, access to
the Internet, and a full range of audio and video production facilities.
A voice and data satellite telecommunication network links with the
campuses and the extension centres.
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