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Subject: 6.1714, Calls: Computational ling, Generative grammar
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Date:  Mon, 04 Dec 1995 09:38:43 +0300
From:  sharoff at mx.iki.rssi.ru (Serge Sharoff)
Subject:  CFP: DIALOGUE'96, Conference on Computational Linguistics
Date:  Thu, 07 Dec 1995 13:56:39 GMT
From:  cgg96 at uv.es
Subject:  6thColloquium on Generative Grammar
Date:  Mon, 04 Dec 1995 09:38:43 +0300
From:  sharoff at mx.iki.rssi.ru (Serge Sharoff)
Subject:  CFP: DIALOGUE'96, Conference on Computational Linguistics
 International Conference on computational linguistics and its
Dear Colleagues,
We are happy to inform you about DIALOGUE'96, an international
conference on computational linguistics and its applications, which
will take place in the very end of April or the beginning of May, 1996
in a country side near Moscow, Russia (exact dates will be determined
at the end of the year).  The conference revived the tradition of the
interdisciplinary DIALOGUE seminars which were regular national annual
events in the USSR during 70s-80s. The conference title means that it
is a meeting place for a dialogue:
a) between researchers from different fields that are related to
   computational linguistics (lignuists, computer scientists,
   cognitive scientists, psychologists);
b) between researchers from the former USSR and from the international
   community in computational linguistics.
Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
*  theoretical and cognitive linguistics
*  syntax, semantics, pragmatics and their interaction
*  multilingual natural language processing
*  systems for natural language processing
*  text, dialogue and speech act in the computational framework
*  speech communication with computer
The number of participants is expected about 100. Every prospective
attendee is required to submit a short research summary including
relevant recent publications, regular and e-mail address, fax and
phone numbers.
Participants who wish to present their work are additionally required
to submit a poster (3-4 double-spaced pages, 6-8 kB) or a full paper
(not exceeding 12 double-spaced pages, 24 kB).  Please send
submissions preferably via e-mail (in plain ASCII or uuencoded Winword
files) to the address of the Program Committee before January 15,
1996.  Submissions in Russian and English are equally accepted.  We
plan to organize selected English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English
translation of talks.
  Addresses for all correspondence:
e-mail: dialog at artint.msk.su
Snail mail:
     Russian Instititue of Artificial Intelligence
     P.O.Box 111, Moscow,
     103001, Russia.
    Deadline for submission: January  15, 1996
    Notification of acceptance:  February 15, 1996
    Final paper due: March 25, 1996
The proceedings of the conference will be printed and publicly
The last conference DIALOGUE'95 has been held nearby Kazan (Tatarstan,
Russian Federation) in May-June 1995.  It was very successful and
attracted the leading researchers from the former USSR as well as
researchers from Europe and USA. We hope that DIALOGUE'96 will
continue this tradition.
 Alexander S. Narin'yani, Program Chair (Russian Institute of Artificial
 Dmitrij A. Pospelov     (Computer Center of Russian Academy of Sciences)
 Alexander E. Kibrik     (Moscow State University)
 Igor A. Mel'chuk        (Montreal University)
 Christian Boitet        (Grenoble University)
 Haldur Oim              (Tartu University)
 Natalya I. Laufer, (Russian Institute of Artificial Intelligence)
 Priscilla Rasmussen (Rutgers University, USA)
 Serge A. Sharoff, (Russian Institute of Artificial Intelligence)
If you have questions about the conference, please send e-mail letters
to the above-mentioned addresses or call:
to Moscow: +7-(095) 152-05-61 (Russian Institute of Artificial
                               Intelligence, Serge Sharoff)
Please, share this information letter with people you think it may
Date:  Thu, 07 Dec 1995 13:56:39 GMT
From:  cgg96 at uv.es
Subject:  6thColloquium on Generative Grammar
27 - 29 March 1996 Valencia, Spain
Second announcement and pre-inscription
Dear coleagues,
We enclose a preinscription form that we need urgently in order to
organise the accomodation and also to communicate with you more
easily, via fax or e-mail.  Please, send back this form, if possible,
before Christmas (fax -34(9)-6-3864493-, e-mail -Cgg96 at uv.es-).  Next
announcements will only be sent to those who have filled this form in.
The Organising Comittee
**Call for Papers **
Following the tradition of the past five years we announce the 6th
Colloquium on Generative Grammar which will be held at Universitat de
Valencia (Spain), on March 27th-29th 1996. Linguists working in the
theoretical framework of Generative Grammar encouraged to participate.
About 30 papers will be presented at plenary sessions. Paper
presenters will have 30 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for
question answering.  The Organising Comittee will provide travel
grants to presenters according to the funds received.
** Submission of Abstracts **
Linguists wishing to participate may submit four hard-copies of the
abstract with the title, the author's name, affiliation, mailing
address, fax number and e-mail address on a separate page.  Abstracts
should not exceed two A4 pages (one additional page for reference
and/or data) and should be written preferably in English or any
Romance language. The language used in the abstract and during the
conference should be the same.  Abstracts should be sent tothe
conference secretariat (see below) by January 10, 1996.
Please, send this form back by fax-34(9)-6-3864493- or
e-mail-Cgg96 at uv.es- Next announcements will be sent only to those who
have filled this form in
Are you interested in the accomodation offered by the Organisation
(including bed, breakfast and lunch)?
YES	Single room (about 150 $ per person, 3 nights)
		  Double room (about 120 $ per person, 3 nights)
Date of arrival	
Date of departure
Number of nights
Note: Room availability depends on early booking. The equivalence of
the amount of money from pesetas to dolars varies according to the
exchange rates. Little modifications can be expected.
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