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Subject: 6.1720, Sum: Irish sociolinguistics
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From:  cmccart at iol.ie ( =?iso-8859-1?Q?Ciar=E1n?= Mc Carthy)
Subject:  Sum: Irish sociolinguistics
Date:  Fri, 08 Dec 1995 01:04:42 GMT
From:  cmccart at iol.ie ( =?iso-8859-1?Q?Ciar=E1n?= Mc Carthy)
Subject:  Sum: Irish sociolinguistics
Here's a short summation of the replies to a question I posted on Tue, 21
Nov 1995, regarding any on-going studies in sociolinguistics in Ireland,
more particularly to do with the Dublin area, and looking for any
referances to interesting texts.
My sincerest thanks go out to all 67 of you that replied to me... yiz know
who yiz are!
a) There are no serious studies on-going, as far as I know, though I heard
a rumour that someone in the Irish Association of Applied Linguistics
(IRAAL) is preparing something on the quiet, but doesn't want anyone to
know about it...?
b) There has been a reasonably large amount of work done on Ulster English,
and plenty has been published on this subject, notably by MILROY e.g.1978
in Trudgil (eds.) Sociolinguistic patterns in British English. (Sic!) also
Milroy (1987) Observing & Analysing Natural Language. has some general
observations to make. Plenty of other referances are available on the MLA
c)Regarding Southern Hiberno-English, almost nothing has been published
outside the field of syntax, though quite some work has been done in other
areas, out of sheer interest (and probably frustration, due to the lack of
available resource material).
Here are a few referances to some non-syntacticly oriented publications:
Aldus,J (1976) Anglo_Irish Dialects: A bibliography. Regional
Studies...Newfoundland 7:7-28
Barry, M.V. (1982) The English language in Ireland. In Baily & Gorlach
(eds.)English as a world Language, pp.84-133
Bertz,S (1975) Der Dubliner Statdialekt. Doctoral dissertation, Univ. of
Freiberg i.Br.: Albert-Ludwigs Universitat
Bertz,S(1987) Variation in Dublin English. Teanga 7:35-53
Harris,J et al. (1986) Perspectives on the English language in Ireland.
Dublin: CLCS Trinity College Dublin.
Henry,P.L. (1958) A linguistic survey of Ireland. Lochlann: 1, pps.49-208
Kallen,J. (1994) English in Ireland. In The Cambridge History of the Irish
Language, Vol.5. R.W.Burchfield (ed.), pp.147-172 Dallas:SIL
O Baoill,D.P. (1985) Papers on Irish-English. Dublin:IRAAL
O Muirithe,D. (ed.) (1977) The English Language in Ireland. Dublin:Mercier P=
Ureland,P.& Broderick,G. (eds.) (1991) Language contact in the British
Isles. Tubingen:Max Niemeyer
Wells,J.C. 91986) Ireland. In J.C.Wells, Accents of English:2 The British
Isles,(Sic!) pps.417-449.
I hope this will be of some use to all of you who asked for this summary!
Thanks - Ciaran Mc Carthy
Ciar=85n Mc Carthy
always  at                             cmccart at iol.ie
or alternatively maybe at: (if the college computers ever work...)
cmccart2 at tcd.ie
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