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Subject: 6.1755, Calls: Computers and the Humanities
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Date:  Sun, 17 Dec 1995 07:07:24 CST
From:  johnsone at jupiter.dsu.edu (Eric Johnson)
Subject:  Computers and the Humanities
Date:  Sun, 17 Dec 1995 07:07:24 CST
From:  johnsone at jupiter.dsu.edu (Eric Johnson)
Subject:  Computers and the Humanities
                    (Revised) CALL FOR PAPERS
                Note new deadline: March 15, 1996
         Special Issue of _Computers and the Humanities_
             Computer Programming for the Humanities
                          Guest Editor
             Eric Johnson <JohnsonE at columbia.dsu.edu>
TOPICS:  Submissions of articles are invited that focus on any
aspect of computer programming for the humanities -- including
articles on topics such as the following:
     Programming methodologies and software design principles
     used to create computer programs in the humanities;
          In particular, description of facets of humanities
          programming which distinguish it from other kinds of
     An overview (or projection of the future) of programming for
     the humanities using
          C and C++
          SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL
          other computer languages
     Descriptions of actual programming experiences (recently
     finished or in progress) which raise significant questions
     and problems.
     Description of a specific programming application (or a type
     of application) for the humanities -- including the visual
     arts, drama, history, and music as well as literature and
In addition to technical papers, general discussion or opinion
papers are invited on topics that grapple with questions such as
the following:
     Do humanists who create computer programs do so in ways
     different from computer scientists?  Do they more (or less)
     readily grasp an overview of a computing problem and see the
     general framework of a solution?  Do they write computer
     code differently?  Do they prefer particular computer
     Occasionally those with humanities educations and solid
     academic positions in the humanities assume positions
     normally held only by those with degrees in computer
     science.  How is that possible?  Do those with educations in
     computer science ever assume positions in the humanities?
LENGTH:  Articles of any length will be considered.  It is
expected that articles will range from 2,500 to 12,000 words --
except for opinion articles or overview articles which might be
FORMAT:  Submissions should be in the same form as regular
submissions to Computers and the Humanities:
they should begin with the following information:
     Title of paper
     Name of author(s)
     Affiliation of author(s) including email address
     List of up to 10 key words
     Abstract of article
followed by the text of the paper with a blank line between
All notes should be collected at the end of the paper under the
heading of "Notes."  A section titled "References" or "Works
Cited" (if needed) is the last part of the paper.
SUBMISSION:  All submissions should be via electronic media --
email and FTP are strongly encouraged.  Articles that can be
saved as ASCII files (with line breaks and lines no longer than
80 characters) should be sent via email to the guest editor, Eric
Johnson, at
                    JohnsonE at columbia.dsu.edu
The guest editor should be contacted via email at the above
address about arrangements to transmit articles containing
special characters or graphics that cannot be saved as ASCII
DEADLINE:  March 15, 1996
Writers are encouraged to contact the guest editor to ask
questions or to express interest in contributing to the special
issue prior to emailing submissions.
LINGUIST List: Vol-6-1755.

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